DIY Dry Shampoo {for dark hair}


Click HERE to PIN this post! This DIY Dry Shampoo is one of my most used products. I’ve been using it multiple times a week for over a year now. Confession time! I hate – like, really hate washing my hair. It’s not the easiest to manage. If I don’t do anything to it after I wash it, I have a frizzy mess on my hands. And who has time to spend an hour blow drying and straightening? Not this mama! Luckily, since following many of Real Food Liz’s tips in her eBook, I wash my hair so much … [Continue Reading...]


Salmon Egg Bake FB

Smoked Salmon Egg Bake is the perfect Paleo breakfast to keep you fueled and full all morning long. I love that this recipe makes a large batch, so you can make it on Sunday and enjoy it for several mornings throughout the week. I find that cooking once and eating 3 times is key to staying on track with a Paleo diet. When my friend Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo asked me to share a recipe from her brand new cookbook, The Performance Paleo Cookbook, I was thrilled! I am already a huge fan of her … [Continue Reading...]

Spicy Roasted Pecans

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.15.26 PM

Indyanna and I spent the morning doing some holiday cooking. We made these Spicy Roasted Pecans from Cassy Joy's Fed + Fit Holiday Feast eBook. These pecans offer the perfect balance of spicy, savory and a hint of sweetness. It was hard not to munch them all! I normally would have, but we are saving them for our holiday festivities. We've been loving Cassie's book this holiday season. We made her pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. It was gone so fast, I didn't even get a chance to snap a photo on … [Continue Reading...]

Locus Workstation Review & Giveaway!

Locus Workstation.001

I am sure you've heard ... Sitting is the new smoking and even harsher phrases like "Sitting is Slowly Killing You" are often seen in media headlines. Just google "Sitting is the new smoking" and tens of thousands of articles will come up. These headlines might be catchy, but there is also some truth behind the message. Recent research indicates that sitting all day can cause many things to go wrong: Strained Neck Back Pain Muscle Degeneration Heart Disease And even … [Continue Reading...]

Holiday Gift Guide for The Paleo Foodie

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Click HERE to PIN this post! Earlier this week I shared two posts for making your own holiday gifts. Check this post to find 30 edible Paleo gift ideas and check this post to find 30 body and skincare DIY gift ideas. I figured some of you are not DIY-ers! So, I've also compiled some of my favorite Paleo and healthy-living items for you. These are all products I use (and LOVE) in my house and ones that I gift regularly. I always gift health-focused items. I am just annoying like that. :) ... … [Continue Reading...]

30 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas


Click HERE to PIN this post! I love giving and receiving DIY holiday gifts. As many of you know, I am obsessed with my essential oils. I use them for everything - all my skincare products, keeping my house smelling nice and supporting my families' immune system. I have switched to therapeutic grade essential oils this year and the difference is tremendous! These oils brought reliable results, that I never experienced when using other oils. And they are soooo potent, I need WAY less. In … [Continue Reading...]

30 Paleo Homemade Gift Ideas


 Click HERE to PIN this post! Giving and receiving homemade gifts are my favorite! So, I've gathered 30 Paleo Homemade Gift Ideas for you from my site and from many other Paleo bloggers. The holidays are the only time of year that I tend to bake. Something about your house filling up with the scent of cinnamon and spice.  It's also such a great time to introduce friends and family to a healthier lifestyle. When they try my Paleo Pumpkin Poppers, they can't believe that they are actually … [Continue Reading...]

3 Skincare Recipes for Holiday Gifts

Holiday Healthy Skincare

Click HERE to PIN this post! I love taking the holidays as an opportunity to introduce my friends and family to a healthier lifestyle. This year, I am making them these gift boxes with three of my favorite DIY skincare and household products - relaxing bath salts, yummy holiday room spray and ylang-ylang perfume! Head over to the Skintervention blog for the recipes and to learn more about why I love making my own skincare products! Click HERE for the recipes! … [Continue Reading...]

Branch Basics: All-Purpose Green Cleaner (that works!)

Branch Basics.001

You all know how much I love my DIY vinegar based all-purpose cleaner. I have been making it for close to 5 years and it's all we use to clean at our house. It works well and gets the job done. But, my husband is ALWAYS complaining about the scent. Some people can actually be sensitive to vinegar, especially those with asthma or bronchitis. As I have mentioned before, vinegar is often derived from GMO-corn, so we have to be careful to source a GMO-free product. Husband was thrilled when we … [Continue Reading...]

The Top Paleo Black Friday Deals


To celebrate a health focused Black Friday, I've teamed up with my fellow real food and healthy living bloggers to offer you some awesome Black Friday deals! You will get up to 80% OFF of EVERYTHING listed below! If you have been eyeing any of these meal plans, classes or e-books, then NOW is the time to grab them! This is the lowest price that you'll see all year round for most of these products. Hurry, This special sale is going on today, November 28th and ends Monday December 1st at … [Continue Reading...]