Grass-fed Steak + Cookbook GIVEAWAY!

Steak Lovers FINAL

I am thrilled to announce that I've teamed up with one of my favorite companies, TX Bar Organics to bring you an epic giveaway! They offer some of the most tender, delicious, grass-fed beef we've ever tried. Enter to WIN TX Bar Organic's Steak Lover's Package and copies of both of my cookbooks: The Paleo Slow Cooker and The Paleo Foodie! If you are ready to treat yourself to some of the best grass-fed beef available right now, use the code... "RUBIES10" at checkout for 10% off of your … [Continue Reading...]

Easy Paleo Pho featuring Bares Bones Broth Co.

Paleo Pho

I know I have some blog readers and friends that don't enjoy making their own broth, but still want to include this nutrient packed, superfood in their diets. I am really excited to share the San Diego based company - Bare Bones Broth with you! As many of you know, not all broth is created equal. Unfortunately, store-bought broth does not offer the same health benefits as homemade options, as it is usually not made with real gelatin, but uses emulsifiers instead, and many use artificial … [Continue Reading...]

Southern Fried Chicken from Paleo Eats


Have you been wanting to transition to a Paleo lifestyle, but you can't imagine becoming a clean-eating, cross-fitting, liver popping health-nut? Do you want to eat healthy, but not be classified as the Paleo person, everywhere you go? Not that there is anything wrong with being a liver-popping, cross-fitting, "Paleo" person. That is exactly who I am, in all my circles and I am totally happy with that.  But, I used to think that this was the only way to do Paleo and be healthy. Don't judge. … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Beef Cheek Tacos with Paleo Tortillas

Paleo Beef Cheek Tacos with Paleo Tortillas

Before you are scared off by the "beef cheek" part, let me just tell you that it's not scary and it doesn't taste weird. It taste just like any other muscle meat. Beef Cheek is a tough and inexpensive cut of meat, that becomes tender and delicious when cooked low and slow. This makes a really tasty taco filling. If you can't find beef cheek, then beef brisket is a great substitute in this recipe. This recipe is from my cookbook, The Paleo Foodie. It's a great recipe for an introduction into … [Continue Reading...]

Cast Iron Basics and Giveaway

Mighty Nest Giveaway .001

When Mighty Nest asked me what non-toxic product I wanted to feature this month and more importantly GIVEAWAY (enter t win everything pictured above at the bottom of this post), I had to go with the cast iron skillet. Hands down. I know that many of you have this on your wish list. And if you already have one, you can probably use a second! I often notice that even my most health-conscious friends keep a non-stick skillet around for cooking eggs. My husband being one of those. With a few … [Continue Reading...]

Perfect Paleo Roast Chicken {And Spaghetti Squash in the Slow Cooker!}

Perfect Paleo Roast Chicken

There are many different ways to roast a chicken in the oven. I've experimented with many of them. I've found this to be my favorite. It always ends with a delicious chicken, moist and tender on the inside with perfectly crispy skin on the outside. This method is foolproof. Especially when you are buying pasture raised meat, you can't afford to end up with a less than perfect chicken. These directions are for a smaller chicken. I highly recommend using a digital  meat thermometer, to … [Continue Reading...]

DIY Dry Shampoo {for dark hair}


Click HERE to PIN this post! This DIY Dry Shampoo is one of my most used products. I’ve been using it multiple times a week for over a year now. Confession time! I hate – like, really hate washing my hair. It’s not the easiest to manage. If I don’t do anything to it after I wash it, I have a frizzy mess on my hands. And who has time to spend an hour blow drying and straightening? Not this mama! Luckily, since following many of Real Food Liz’s tips in her eBook, I wash my hair so much … [Continue Reading...]


Salmon Egg Bake FB

Smoked Salmon Egg Bake is the perfect Paleo breakfast to keep you fueled and full all morning long. I love that this recipe makes a large batch, so you can make it on Sunday and enjoy it for several mornings throughout the week. I find that cooking once and eating 3 times is key to staying on track with a Paleo diet. When my friend Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo asked me to share a recipe from her brand new cookbook, The Performance Paleo Cookbook, I was thrilled! I am already a huge fan of her … [Continue Reading...]

Spicy Roasted Pecans

Spicy Paleo Nuts 5

Indyanna and I spent the morning doing some holiday cooking. We made these Spicy Roasted Pecans from Cassy Joy's Fed + Fit Holiday Feast eBook. These pecans offer the perfect balance of spicy, savory and a hint of sweetness. It was hard not to munch them all! I normally would have, but we are saving them for our holiday festivities. We've been loving Cassie's book this holiday season. We made her pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. It was gone so fast, I didn't even get a chance to snap a photo on … [Continue Reading...]

Locus Workstation Review & Giveaway!

Locus Workstation.001

I am sure you've heard ... Sitting is the new smoking and even harsher phrases like "Sitting is Slowly Killing You" are often seen in media headlines. Just google "Sitting is the new smoking" and tens of thousands of articles will come up. These headlines might be catchy, but there is also some truth behind the message. Recent research indicates that sitting all day can cause many things to go wrong: Strained Neck Back Pain Muscle Degeneration Heart Disease And even … [Continue Reading...]