Essential Oils Welcome Kit from ME!


I've been using essential oils to create skincare products and natural cleaning products for years. Ever since I started using the Young Living essential oil line, I have been having so much fun discovering new oils and new blends of oils. We now also use oils for healing purposes. We use them for sore muscles after hard workouts, to clear up stuffy noses, to clear the occasional pimple, to boost our immunity and much more. If you want to learn more about essential oils, you are welcome to join … [Continue Reading...]

Mini Grain Free Pound Cakes with Peaches, Blackberries and Cream

paleo pound cake

Hi All! I've been traveling lately, working on some exciting projects. If you receive my newsletter, then you got to see a little sneak peek! Tomorrow, I am off to the Ancestral Health Symposium in Berkeley. If you are going too and see me, please say hi! I love meeting blog readers. I asked my friend Caroline to share a recipe with you this week, to keep the healthy living inspiration going and to introduce you to some new bloggers! I was thrilled when my friend Caroline of Colorful Eats … [Continue Reading...]

Mission Heirloom – Paleo Eats in Berkeley, CA


Mission Heirloom - Paleo Eats in Berkeley, CA My friend Hannah of Healy Eats Real recently invited me to visit Mission Heirloom, a new Paleo business in Berkeley, CA. We had the best time touring this gluten and grain-free kitchen space. Mission Heirloom offers Paleo meals for pick-up. They drop them off at various sites in the Bay Area or you can pick it up at their gorgeous kitchen. The meals can be ordered on their site. They also have a restaurant coming in the Fall, which I cannot wait … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Mon Cheri Moscow Mule Recipe

Moscow Mule Paleo

We can argue all day about if alcohol is Paleo or not. But, let's not... instead, let's sit back, relax and say cheers! You can raise a non-alcoholic beverage too. ;) . As a health coach, I get the question is alcohol Paleo VERY often. My answer really varies depending on the person, their goals and health conditions. I personally think there is room for alcohol in some people’s Paleo diets. It just depends on your goals and how it makes you feel. I don't drink often, but I love a happy hour … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Coconut-Lime Fruit Salad

fruit salad

{photo cred: Spoon Fork Bacon} I am thrilled to participate in the #SoLetsPigOut virtual potluck, hosted by my friends Gina of So... Let's Hang Out and Emily of The Pig and Quill. Both of their blogs are must reads. These gals are pee-your-pants funny and geniuses in the kitchen. To find tons of other recipes from some of your favorite bloggers (and to discover new ones!), search the hashtag #SoLetsPigOut on Instagram. I decided to share my Coconut-Lime Fruit Salad from my latest book, … [Continue Reading...]

Win $100 Worth of Eco-Friendly Lunch Gear & Paleo Muffin Recipe!

I am so excited about this giveaway! I have teamed up with MightyNest to bring you everything you need to pack a non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly lunch, including a stainless steel muffin pan without non-stick coating! I get asked about this one a lot by blog readers. They are surprisingly hard to find. MightyNest is one of our favorite places to shop for environmentally-friendly items. In addition, they make a big effort to donate to our schools! Make sure to scroll down below to … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Caesar Salad Dressing

Paleo Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar Salad used to be one of my favorites! But, I haven't had it for years. It's impossible to find a Paleo friendly version, so I decided to make my own Paleo Caesar Salad Dressing. I imagine that some of you have been missing paleo caesar salad dressing too! After my friend Natalie of Honey, Ghee, & Me bought me a bottle of this Avocado oil, I have been addicted to making my own creamy dressings. You can find this oil at Costco. The flavor is very neutral, so it lends itself perfectly … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Chick-Fil-A nuggets


When Taylor of Tayste of Paleo reached out and asked if I would be interested in having her guest post her Paleo Chick-Fil-A nuggets, I was thrilled. I am a big fan of her blog and her Instagram account, so naturally I was so excited to share her brilliant work with you here. You can also find Taylor on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Colorado so there are a lot of times that I incorporate dairy into my diet. My website and my vision are all about … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Root Beer Gelatin Float

Paleo Root Beer Float

Gelatin is a great way to get some of the healing benefits of bone broth into our diets during these warm summer months. I love this creative recipe for Paleo Root Beer Gelatin Float from Grass Fed Girl's new eBook, Easy Paleo Gelatin Recipes. Caitlin Week's entire book is great. Easy Paleo Gelatin Recipes offers recipes for 30 smoothies, gummies and puddings. She is currently offering it for an introductory price of $5.99! Such a steal. Click here to download. Click here to download Easy … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Skirt Steak with Radish & Cucumber Salsa


This Paleo Skirt Steak with Radish & Cucumber Salsa is one of our favorite summer combos. The radish and cucumber salsa is so refreshing and a great alternative for those allergic to nightshades or are following an autoimmune paleo diet!! We just got back from a really sweet little family vacation. We spent 4 days on the Russian River in an amazing little cabin. It was decorated perfectly. The kitchen was so adorable, I just couldn't get out of it. I wanted to take more photos of the … [Continue Reading...]