Hannah’s Healthy Bakery + Giveaway!


When Hannah of Hannah's Healthy Bakery reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try her Paleo-friendly treats, I was ecstatic! I mean... paleo treats, that I don't have to bake myself? Yes, please! If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you probably know I don't like baking. All that measuring and mess is not my thing. But, I do like eating Paleo goodies, which I rarely do, since you can't just run to the store and buy some. I was so lucky to get some treats from Hannah to bring … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Mint Chip Ice Cream

Paleo Mint Chip ice cream

I am so excited to have Jennifer from Predominantly Paleo back to share her recipe for Mint Chip Ice Cream from her brand new eBook, We Can ALL Scream For Ice Cream! You may remember Jennifer from her incredible recipe that she shared back in April for Magical Paleo Lasagna from Predominantly Paleo. You can find Jennifer on Facebook and Instagram. Today I am incredibly EXCITED to share We Can ALL Scream For Ice Cream!!!!! This is a completely dairy-free, nut-free, seed and legume free, … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo & Gluten-free Dining in Santa Cruz, CA

Paleo SC Final

If you are anything like me, the first thing you do when you plan a vacation is you start researching the food options. I really love exploring restaurants in new areas. Since we don't go out to eat that often, I like my meals out to count. I google the heck out of terms like farm-to-table Santa Cruz, CA [insert city of choice]. So far, this research has paid off. We have enjoyed some incredible farm-to-table dining on our last few trips. See where we ate when we went to Austin for our babymoon … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Chocolate Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting {Dairy, Gluten and Nut-free)

Paleo Chocolate Cake

I can't believe it. My Paleo Baby just turned 2! We have made it a tradition to bake her a Paleo cake every year. Although, I don't particularly like baking, I do really enjoy making her birthday cake. I guess it is the sentimental mama in me. Last year, we made her this Baby Friendly Coconut Flour Birthday Cake with Maple Buttercream Frosting. It was a hit at our little birthday bash. If you decide to make her cake from last year, make sure to read through the comments, a few people have had … [Continue Reading...]

Why This Competitive Athlete Follows a Paleo Diet

The Paleo Goddess

I first met Michelle of The Paleo Goddess, when she attended my cookbook release party with her dad. They had just come from Nom Nom Paleo's book signing at Costco. It was so inspiring to meet such a supportive dad. Michelle is a competitive volleyball player, who had hit a plateau in her training. Read her story below to learn how she used the Paleo diet to get over this plateau and become a better athlete. Make sure to stop by Michelle's blog, The Paleo Goddess for some incredible recipes … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Coffee Ice Cream

Paleo Coffee Ice Cream

I am so excited to share this recipe with you. Coffee ice cream has been my favorite flavor since I was a little kid! When I was in elementary school and I would go to Baskin Robbins with my best friend and her family, I would always order Jamoca (their version of coffee ice cream). I rarely have ice cream now, unless my brother in law makes it by hand with his vintage ice cream maker (cause who could say no to that?) or the occasional grass-fed artisan ice cream. This is mostly because dairy … [Continue Reading...]

Video: How to Make Paleo Hummus

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Lisa Yokota's show, Bay Area People. It was surprisingly fun! I was super nervous on my drive up, but once I got there, Lisa and her team were so warm and friendly, I instantly felt comfortable. Watch the video to learn how to make Spicy Paleo Hummus from my latest cookbook, The Paleo Foodie. Click HERE to order The Paleo Foodie Cookbook today!   … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Ahi Poke


Poke is one of my favorite summer time meals. It is so light and refreshing! It's tough to find Paleo poke out at restaurants, as they often use soy sauce. Even when we were in Kauai a few years ago, we only found one place that had poke that didn't have soy sauce in it. As many of you know, soy sauce isn't gluten-free. The first ingredient is usually wheat, unless you are using pure tamari. Luckily, Paleo-friendly, soy-free poke is super easy to whip up at home! Last Saturday, Indyanna and I … [Continue Reading...]

Paleo Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am so excited to share this Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with you from the brand new book, The Paleo Kitchen by George Bryant and Juli Bauer. This book is gorgeous and it's full of easy to make recipes! Both, George and Juli have a talent for taking ordinary ingredients and turning them into extraordinary recipes! Their recipes are packed with flavor, but aren't too complicated. Several times so far, I've been able to pick up their book and find something to whip up at the last … [Continue Reading...]

My eBook FREE + a chance to win a Vitamix!

Vitamix Giveaway 2.001

I am so excited about my first Vitamix giveaway! Every time I ask what you all one to win, I get about a hundred responses for Vitamix. Giving away a Vitamix has been a little out of my budget, but I have teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to finally give you the chance to win one! In my latest blog post about how to start a real food blog, I mentioned that I wish I had offered a weekly newsletter from the beginning. I've been blogging for 4 years and I started my newsletter about a … [Continue Reading...]