My Cookbook



We are a very busy family (probably like most of you!). We both work full-time and now have a young baby. The slow cooker is so convenient. We can prep ingredients the evening before and start the slow cooker before we head to the office. When we return in the evening, we have a delicious meal ready to go. Another thing we love about the slow cooker is that it’s a great way to increase the amount of grass-fed meat in our diets. Premium cuts of grass-fed steak such as filet and rib-eye are pricey and are definitely not everyday eats around here. But inexpensive tough cuts such as roasts are very affordable. By slow cooking, these tough cuts of meat become tender and tasty. In short, it’s healthy, convenient and simple! It’s the perfect combo for any busy person trying to follow a paleo diet.

Writing this book was so much fun. This project was a combination of all of my favorite things – cooking, eating & writing! While creating recipes for this book, I regularly enjoyed shopping for fresh, organic, grass-fed ingredients at my local farmers markets and grocers. I am excited to share with you the delicious recipes that made me feel so healthy and were easy to make. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!