Mission Heirloom – Paleo Eats in Berkeley, CA

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Mission Heirloom

Mission Heirloom – Paleo Eats in Berkeley, CA

My friend Hannah of Healy Eats Real recently invited me to visit Mission Heirloom, a new Paleo business in Berkeley, CA. We had the best time touring this gluten and grain-free kitchen space. Mission Heirloom offers Paleo meals for pick-up. They drop them off at various sites in the Bay Area or you can pick it up at their gorgeous kitchen. The meals can be ordered on their site. They also have a restaurant coming in the Fall, which I cannot wait for!

If you follow me on Instragram, then I am sure you noticed my excitement for this place! If I lived closer, I might just stop cooking. The food was out of this world good and the quality is exceptional. As their website states, no processed refine oils, sugars, gluten, grain, legumes, no cooking with plastic, aluminum, technique that introduce toxins, and no using ingredients that sound like chemicals.

We got to join the staff for their delicious family meal! I am used to working in restaurants, where the family meal consisted of some pasta or nachos.

At Mission: Heirloom we feasted on a delicious Cabbage salad with grass-fed beef, all kinds of pickled vegetables, scallop ceviche, padron pepper sauce (brilliantly good!), sunchoke soup and yuca crackers.


After lunch, we headed in to take a tour of the kitchen with Kate and the owner, Yrmis. The staff was wonderful. Yrmis has such an incredible energy about her. She is so passionate about what she does and so much fun to hang out with.

Check out this amazing pantry!


I was so impressed by the variety of grain-free flours!


After lunch, Chef Christian treated us to the most incredible ice-cream. It was Paleo and sugar-free. The flavors included Plum-hibiscus, peach-carrot, melon-tapioca, Douglas-fir (yes, as in the tree!) and almond-ginger. Yrmis was explaining how they were able to make this ice-cream so creamy with just fruit, but I was so busy scarffing down not one, but TWO bowls of this stuff that I missed the details. I’ll have to ask her to tell me again when I see her next!



This is Christian, the brilliant chef behind these creations. And he’s flipping through a copy of my book! ….  This man is a genius in the kitchen. His recipes are so inspired and flavorful.


Just some incredible looking, octopus confit, Christian had just finished up.


They had a huge pot of broth going, as they use it in a lot of their recipes. Plus, you get a container full as part of the prepared meal service. We tried the chicken with lemongrass and it was so good.


They even use a stainless steel replacement for their Vitamix, to avoid preparing food in plastic. I was really impressed by this! I took a picture so I could remember what they use as the replacement, just in case I ever get a Vitamix! IMG_3955

They even sent us home with dinner! It was so nice not cooking for the next couple of days and still being able to enjoy delicious, high-quality Paleo food.

My husband said I was being so annoying while he ate. I was standing in the kitchen after each bite saying things like “do you know you are eating organ meat right now?”, “do you know that sauce you are eating is beets and not tomatoes?”, “do you know those noodles are actually carrots?”… I was really doing that! I think I was just shocked at how ravenously he was eating and enjoying the food because he can usually be picky about things like organ meats or meals that are “paleo-ified”.


I also grabbed some of their housemade ghee on my way out. I went with the Bali Nights flavor, which is so good. It’s incredible with Thai or Indian inspired meals. We’ve also been using it to saute vegetables. It is such a simple way to add flavor to dishes.



If you live in the Berkeley or San Francisco area or you are just there visiting, I highly recommend that you check out Mission Heirloom! They will also be at AHS, so make sure to stop by and say hi, if you will be attending!






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  1. Michele Garcia says

    What an impressive place! I’m very interested to know how they make their grain-free flours. Any idea? And their ice cream making process too. That stainless steel canister for the Vitamix was great too!