30 Day Reset – Week 2 Meal Plan

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30 Day Reset – Week 2 Meal Plan –

30 Day Reset - Week 2 Meal Plan

30 Day Reset – Week 2 Meal Plan

I was really hoping to come up with new, creative recipes for you during this reset, but it hasn’t happened yet! This week has actually been quite the opposite. I’ve been eating simple, boring, but healthy meals.

I took this week off from recipe development, as I have been busy the last few weeks wrapping up recipes for my new eBook, Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals and my latest project, The Paleo Foodie Dinner Party. So, this kitchen needed a break. And I mostly needed a break from doing dishes, since we don’t have a dishwasher! … Alright, pity party is over! And I will get back to creating new recipes soon.

But, I did just post this delicious Halibut with Avocado Salsa from my upcoming cookbook, that is completely 30 Day Reset compliant! And most of the recipes in my new eBook are also Whole30 and 30 Day Reset friendly. A few of them call for honey, so you can either skip those recipes or omit the honey until your reset is complete. You can download Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals HERE for only $2.99!

Easy paleo Slow Cooker Meals

If you want to learn more about the 30 Day Reset program and see my week 1 meal plan, read THIS post.

So, this week, I did a lot of meal prep on Sunday to ensure a smooth and successful week on the reset. This meal plan may be really helpful to those of you that have busy weekday schedules and do not have much time to cook during the week.

Week 2 Meal Plan

If you want to see what I am eating during this 30 Day Reset, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram, as I tend to post a lot of our daily eats there!

Breakfast – I eat the same few things for breakfast usually.

Snacks – I haven’t been snacking much this week, but these nori wraps with fresh or smoked salmon are my go-to!

Sunday – Prep day!
  • Made my slow cooker rotisserie chicken recipe from Easy Paleo Slow Cooker MealsA store bought rotisserie chicken would work well too!
  • Roasted tons of vegetables with coconut oil – yams, beets, and butternut squash. I have found that I feel better with more carbs in my diet and since I am not eating rice during the reset, I wanted to make sure that I had enough starchy vegetables on hand.
  • Started Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pork in the slow cooker for Monday. It takes 16 hours to cook! You can get the recipe HERE. It is so flavorful and simple to make. It does call for 5 lbs. of pork, so I am still eating it today (Thursday). I also substituted regular sea salt.
  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs, avocado, Farmhouse jalapeno kraut
  • Lunch –  Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken from Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals over salad with roasted vegetables.
  • Dinner – Slow Cooker Kalua Pork, sauteed cabbage, avocado and this super clean hot sauce with a cup of bone broth. Get my slow cooker beef broth recipe HERE.
    Paleo salad
  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs, avocado, Farmhouse jalapeno kraut
  • Lunch – More Salad with roasted vegetables (like the photo above).
  • Dinner – I had dinner out with my friend Natalie, while we planned my cookbook release party! I can’t wait to share the details with you. It’s going to be a great time. I hope some of you local readers can make it! We had some tapas. I stuck to the 30 Day Reset friendly options, pork belly and beet & citrus salad. paleo tapas
  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs, avocado, Farmhouse jalapeno kraut
  • Lunch – More kalua pork, with all of the leftover vegetables in the fridge – sauteed cabbage and roasted root vegetables.
  • Dinner – Same as lunch, but with a cup of broth! I told you, I’ve been really boring this week! But, it’s been a nice break from cooking.
  • Breakfast – Salad with kalua pork, roast vegetables and avocado. I don’t normally eat salad for breakfast, but it sounded good after my workout for some reason!
  • Lunch – More kalua pork and leftover vegetables. I think this should finally finish it off!
  • Dinner – Easy Slow Cooker Beef Curry with steamed cauliflower. You can get my recipe HERE. This is super easy and really tasty. It took me 5 minutes, to get it started before I took Indyanna off to school for the morning. Plus, a cup of broth.
  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs, avocado, Farmhouse jalapeno kraut
  • Lunch – Leftover beef curry.
  • Dinner – Catching up with old friends over sushi. Will try to stay away from the rice!
  • Brunch– We like to be lazy and sip our tea/coffee on Saturday mornings, while we all hang out as a family. We have a later brunch of eggs, bacon and fruit salad.
  • Snack – All natural prosciutto, olives and avocado. The protein and fat should keep me fueled until dinner.
  • Dinner – Easy Paleo Teriyaki Chicken (omit the honey) with sauteed chard and a baked sweet potato. I’ll start the teriyaki chicken first thing in the morning. It’s another 5 minute prep recipe from new eBook. You can get the recipe HERE.

Paleo Chicken Teriyaki

  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs, avocado, Farmhouse jalapeno kraut
  • Lunch/Dinner – Finish up all of the leftovers in the fridge and prep for another week of healthy eating!
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    Thanks for the link to the broth recipe… you make it seem so much simpler than the Nourishing Traditions cookbook! I have made beef broth twice now but sort of simplified their recipe on my own… very similar to yours. Do you notice a lot of difference when you roast the bones first?

    • admin says

      Hi Carol! Thank you! I am so glad to hear that you liked my recipe! I think it adds more depth to the flavor. But, most days I am too short on time to roast the bones and I think it still turns out fine!