Le Creuset Dutch Oven Giveaway!

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Rubies & Radishes Giveaway

With my new book coming out next month, I decided that I wanted to give you guys one of the tools that I used the most, while I was developing recipes. This Le Creuset Signature Round Wide 3-1/2-Quart Dutch Oven is likely the most used item in my kitchen. I use it to braise, saute, make stews and soups. The size is also perfect for everyday use!

Plus, every time I ask you on Facebook, what you would like to win, Le Creuset comes out on top! As a big thank you to you for reading my blog and supporting my work, I decided to make it happen! Good luck!


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  1. Jordi says

    Love love love Le creuset cookware. It cooks amazing tasting food and is a kitchen item to pass down the generations.

  2. Pearl Rayhchstock says

    I would love to win this in any color though I love the red one……Thank you doe all that you do…

  3. Shellie says

    The Caribbean is so beautiful! It totally doesn\\\\’t go with my kitchen but I don\\\\’t care…I love the color!

  4. MonicaSGS says

    What a great giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance! I got excited and forgot to tell you the color I like! Caribbean would look great on my stove!!!

  5. Christina says

    I would like the caribbean. I clicked the link to look at your book, and it worked, but the link to the book under the giveaway entries didn\’t take me to your book.

  6. Mandy French says

    Wish there was a yellow as I have such memories of dinner cooking in the yellow pot as a kid! However, I do love the flame and marseille.

  7. Meg says

    I have been wanting a pan that goes from the cook top to the oven in order to make my favorite lamb chops. I would love this one in Cherry!!

  8. Claire says

    I’d love to have a Le Creuset Dutch oven! I’d probably go with Cassis; it’d be easiest to clean.

  9. Jana says

    Thank you for doing another Le Creuset giveaway – it is the BEST! I love the Cherry color – since they discontinued my FAVE Fennel green
    Best wishes for amazing huge book sales!

  10. Wendy Castleman says

    I like the cassis and marseille. But if I have to choose just one, it would be marseille! I had a knock off le cruset pot that I loved, but the lid started to rust:(

  11. Lorinda says

    I have been drooling over this cookware for many years and just don’t have the extra income to invest in it. A gift like this would bring years and years of culinary delight to my three young daughters and myself. So excited that it’s being offered! thank you!

  12. Samantha Wilson says

    Cherry would look good in my kitchen, but I just love the Cassis color. The shading on those makes them functional art!

  13. Jessica T says

    I love the Caribbean color! (the link in your email about the giveaway went to a 404 page)

  14. Deanna says

    So many great color choices it\\\’s hard to choose…maybe cherry….Thank you for all you do!!

  15. s says

    I love Le Creuset. Have a big oval roaster in dark green. If I were to win the smaller one, I\’d like the cherry red.

  16. Wild Child says

    Oh…this item has been on my birthday wish list, my Christmas list, and my anytime you want to get me something list. I want one SO badly. The classic cherry color would look absolutely perfect in our kitchen! Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  17. Trisha says

    what an awesome giveaway! the marseille is beautiful but so is the cherry! I can’t decide which would look better with some delicious food in it!

  18. Christina says

    This giveaway is one of the best ones of all time. Seriously.

    Both Caribbean and Cherry are gorgeous!

  19. Barbara Mc / Whenihave Time says

    Red..or black, no definitely red, well red or black. May have to draw straws!

  20. Stef says

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! There\\\\’s just nothing like slow-cooking in cast iron and I’ve been wanting this size. Caribbean!!! It\\\\’s so pretty and will contrast beautifully in my kitchen Thanks again. I love everything about your blog, from the name to what you share and how you express yourself.

  21. Beth says

    Love this and LOVE your blog! The caribbean color would be my choice.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. Jenine says

    This is the pot have dreamed about for years!!! My husband thinks I’m crazy! Everytime we go to a store that sells them I have to go and stare at them. I love the carribean color!

  23. Alex says

    I would love to own the red! It reminds me of my mom, a beautiful redhead who loved to be a creative cook in the kitchen…

  24. Thomas says

    Looking forward to receiving my copy of The Paleo Foodie. Would definitely like to replace my old dutch oven with the Le Creuset.

  25. Heather Kiger says

    Marseille is my favorite; although, I’d love to have any color because Le Creuset is just that wonderful!

  26. Kiersten says

    I currently have a couple of le crueset pots in the color ocean which isn\\’t one of the options on amazon. I think i\\’d choose the purple color because it is super pretty and would go nicely with the pots I already have!

  27. Patricia says

    Thank you for the chance to win! The cassia looks so beautiful and elegant. I would feel so fancy using it lol.

  28. Allecia says

    I’d be so thrilled to win anything from Le Creuset I wouldn’t care what color it came in! But since we get to pick, I think I’d go with Caribbean!

  29. Donna Rotella says

    My favorite color is caribbean. But…here is a story. I must have dreamed that I had a flame Le Crueset dutch oven. Yesterday I was going to make beef stew and I looked through all my cabinets looking for my dutch oven that I didn’t have. So silly. I still made the beef stew, but not in my Le Crueset.

    Donna Rotella

  30. says

    I already have a kiwi and and aubergine (purple) piece – I’d love to add a CHERRY one! I love to collect different colors

  31. Tanya says

    I love the Marseille blue color, and it would be fabulous to win this dutch oven since I have a few Le Creuset stoneware baking dishes but have not yet been able to try the cookware. And thanks so much for the “peanut” sauce recipe you posted recently — I had been looking for a paleo version and can’t wait to try it.

  32. Diana Breitschuh says

    I like the cassis, beautiful color! Can’t afford Le Creuset, but would love to have this!!

  33. says

    All of the Le Creuset Signature Round Wide 3-1/2-Quart Dutch Ovens are gorgeous & versatile but I like the cherry color the best.

  34. Kim E Riffle says

    Would love to win ANY of these, but am especially fond of the red one!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  35. Melozi says

    They’re all so pretty! But I love Cassis! Dune is the next best though I think. Oh the things I could cook!

  36. Laura says

    Thanks for hosting this! I loooooooove Caribbean and have been dreaming about this dutch oven for a while!

  37. Hannah G says

    The book looks amazing! The photographs are beautiful. The blue hued colors by Le Creuset are gorgeous.

  38. Merry says

    FLAME, as this is the color of my oldest sister’s original Le Creuset she bought during her stint at Berkley back in the ’60’s!! I always wanted to be just like my big sister!

  39. Patsy Partin says

    CHERRY would be the color that would be my first choice. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  40. Deborah Gullett says

    My favorite color is Marseille. Wish they hadn’t discontinued Fennel. Thanks for another giveaway!

  41. Elizabeth says

    The carribean is beautiful – what a great giveaway! I\\\’m new to your blog but have LOVED getting to explore your wonderful recipes!

  42. Elizabeth says

    The Caribbean is beautiful – what a great giveaway! I’m new to your blog but have LOVED getting to explore your wonderful recipes!

  43. Jane J says

    I can\’t decide..Caribbean or Flame? My son would love it if we won this. He is working on having dinner ready when I get home and this would help him do that.

  44. Beth B says

    I can’t decide between Cassis and Flame. Purple is my favorite color. And usually I don’t like orange but it’s beautiful on this dutch oven!

  45. Anne says

    Choosing a color is not easy when they’re all so beautiful, but if I’m the lucky winner, I’ll most likely pick the Marseille.

  46. Krista says

    Would seriously love any of the colors, but the Cherry is such a “happy” color! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Teresa says

    Hard to choose between Marseille and Flame. Cookbook looks great, especially liked the melon wrapped with prosciutto , I usually wrap figs or dates, Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  48. Cindy M. says

    Any color is good with me if it’s Le Creuset!!!! YOU ROCK, thanks for sharing your recipes, knowledge, and giveaways.

  49. Micaela Marques says

    I’m very excited about this giveaway! I’m a huge fan of Le Cruset pots. I can’t decide between the Flame and Cassis.

  50. Lelain says

    Caribbean would totally fit my kitchen, although we have Cherry ceramic skillets, too. I\’ve longed for a Le Creuset dutch oven forever!

  51. Maree Kniest says

    I love La Creuset. I would choose beautiful marseilles. Thanks.for sharing all your inspired ideas. namaste

  52. says

    Oh the possibilities with this puppy! By a landslide, the flame is my favorite! This is too cool that you are doing this! Happy food crafting, you beautiful soul!

  53. Dawn says

    I love the Marseille color. I\’ve just discovered your site and I love it. Thanks for all you do.

  54. Kathy says

    Hello, I enjoy learning from all your info and recipes. I also like the cherry color . Thanks for sharing your knowledge and recipes.

  55. says

    Love your blog. I’m a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist — I recommend most of my patients adopt a paleo diet and always refer to your blog for recipe ideas. Flame is my favorite color.

  56. Kimberly says

    I would have to dither between the cassis and marseille colors . . . never seen one of those pots that I didn’t find gorgeous, though!

  57. Anna says

    I\’m also new to the paleo diet. I bartend and sometimes I find it hard to eat right/exercise regularly. My parents have one of these pots and they love it! My favorite color is the Cassis!

  58. Kathleen says

    I have had my eye on Cherry for a while now. It would match my other kitchen appliances. Would love to have this, it is just out of my price range currently.

  59. Andra says

    Caribbean is may favorite. However, I also love flame & cherry; those two would match my kitchen!

  60. Marina says

    Flame is my favorite color! I have the le creuset french press in that color and it is bright and beautiful!

  61. Patricia Russell says

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I would love to have this in Cherry. Warmest wishes for success on your book release!

  62. Jessica B says

    I love the convenience of searing and braising or stewing in one pan. My favorite color is Caribbean!

  63. Denise B. says

    Mareseille is a beautiful color. I’ve been dreaming of dutch ovens all winter. I would be so happy to win this contest!!!

  64. Cristal Porter says

    This is awesome! I would love to win. If I do, send me the Caribbean color ;). Thanks for putting this together! Cristal Porter

  65. Kris Fappas says

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! If I won, I would love it in Flame. It matches my kitchen so well! Thank you for this great contest, and for your wonderful FaceBook page. I can\’t wait to start getting your newsletters.

  66. Araica says

    I ought to say Cherry because it matches everything else in my kitchen but the Caribbean is absolutely my favourite colour.

  67. Elaine Michalek says

    These are wonderful and this would make such a great addition to my kitchen! I love cherry. Thank you!

  68. Lindsay R Puetz says

    It’s a tie between carribean & linen. they both have such versatility!
    If I win, I will make so many curries I will probably die of how awesome that would be!

  69. Naomi Willman says

    I would be happy with any color, but linen would probably fit with everything else in my kitchen the best. I will probably die if I win this and won\’t get to cook with it

  70. Jan says

    I like the new color that was just released on the Le Creuset website this month: Palm, which is a lovely green!

  71. Angie Medbery says

    I am lovong this cookware. Its so wonderful. I am loving your blog and your facebook page since I have been introduced to it by a mutual friend!!Love the Caribbean color of the dutch oven

    • admin says

      I love hearing about friends inviting each other to my little corner of the internet! Welcome and thank you so much for reading my blog!

  72. Letitia says

    Love your blog and recipes! I can’t wait for your cookbook to be released. The nicest color is cherry. Thanks for hosting such and awesome give away!!

  73. Kim says

    Thank you so much for your great website and these great giveaways! My fave color is either the Soleil or Carribean.

  74. Nancy A. says

    I would love to have the linen color casserole. They are so beautiful and I have never owned any Le Crueset!!

  75. Mandy Fuillerat says

    This dutch oven is incredibly gorgeous… and Le Creuset is such a reputable brand! Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. Mandy Fuillerat says

    … sorry, I forgot to post the color: Cherry for sure. There’s just something about red in the kitchen.

  77. Deby says

    I look forward to reading your posts every week. Love The Paleo Slow Cooker and can’t wait for your new book! Thanks for all you do!
    Would love the Caribbean!

  78. Tina Walker says

    I love the cherry or Caribbean color. They would stand out in my kitchen and I love that. ^.^

  79. Carmel says

    I love the cherry one and both my boyfriend and I mention at least twice a day how much we want a dutch oven!

  80. Tara says

    I do love the red one but I also love the purple one! I think purple is my choice. I’ve always wanted one of these!

  81. Jamie says

    All of the colors are gorgeous – I love them all! But if I had to pick one, probably Cherry… Or maybe the Caribbean! Ahh – both are beautiful!

  82. Michele Goldsborough says

    I love the linen color. I am just starting my Paleo journey so I need all the help I can get. Thank you

  83. Tania says

    I love the Cassis deep purple colour and Cherry equally :).Btw the captcha gave me a very hard time although I put the correct answers in.

  84. Sherryl says

    I like both Cherry and Marseilles. I read somewhere before that warm colors increase your appetite, and cool colors do the reverse. Although colors don’t really affect appetites in my family, I think the Cherry Le Creuset Dutch Oven is sexy!

    Having one of these would really help whip up a week’s worth of meals together with my trusted slow cooker (special thanks to your slow cooker recipes!).

  85. Joan C says

    *gasp* A cherry colored Le Creuset Dutch Oven to make beef burgundy! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  86. Noelle says

    The cherry color is my favorite! I have been crushing on a Le Creuset for years. I am currently studying Dietetics at university and this would be heaven to win for me to practice wonderful recipes (especially Rubies and Radishes)!

  87. Ashley Outland says

    I would have a hard time choosing between Cherry & Marseille! I would probably go with Marseille

  88. Kathleen Lane says

    CHERRY!! I want this so bad but it is completely out of my price range right now… crossing my fingers.

  89. Lisa says

    My favorite is the Marseille-it would match my kitchen perfectly! Thank you so much for your wonderful giveaways!

  90. heather says

    Picking favourite colours is so hard! I would say it is a tie between the Cherry and the Marseilles.

  91. Stephanie says

    I have been wanting one of these ever since I went Paleo last May. Love all the colors but I’d say cherry would be my fav

  92. Irene Christophers says

    This is a beautiful piece of cookware. All the colors are great, but the flame is only 9.00. There are so many other good, healthy eating things to spend your money on, so I\’m glad I like the flame!!!Thanks for asking my opinion and letting me enter the contest.

  93. Kelsey Heathers says

    The Red one!Those are beautiful! I\\\\’ve always wanted one, but they are not cheap! Thank you for doing this giveaway and giving us a chance to win one!

  94. Nancy says

    Cherry! Thank you for all the great gluten-free meals! Your chicken with butternut squash and figs is my favorite, YUM!

  95. Courtney F says

    OOoo, a giveaway, how nice of you!! I have two pieces of Le Crueset, and the caribbean color is fantastic .. Thanks for the opportunity and your generosity!!

  96. BlessedCP says

    I am a lover of purpley plums so the cassis is the color for me. I would LOVE to have such an amazing, beautiful, safe pot to cook int. Thank you.