Homemade Avocado Oil Mayo



Homemade Mayo is mentioned several places, like here, here and here. But, I think it’s about time that it gets a post of it’s own on my little site. If you have never tried it before, you have to try it at least once! Okay, maybe twice… because if you are like me, you will probably completely mess it up the first time and waste an entire cup of high quality oil! But, don’t worry, if that does happen to you, I have included a troubleshooting tip below.

All joking aside, homemade mayo is actually quick and easy to make! It is delicious and healthy, unlike the junk-ridden store-bought varieties. Even the ones that tout olive oil, are usually filled with toxic soybean oil and other additives. This is why I was thrilled when awhile back my friend Liz of Cave Girl Eats wrote about a clean, healthy mayonnaise. For those of you that really don’t care to make your own, but love mayo, the one Liz recommends is a great alternative. But be warned, it is very often out of stock!

Update: The Wilderness Family Naturals Mayo has changed their ingredients since Liz originally recommended it and it now has Xantham Gum, but is GMO-free.


Homemade mayo is great with lettuce wraps, egg salad and chicken salad, just to name a few! But, it can also be used as the base for sauces. I just used it last name to make The Aji Verde Chili Sauce from Nom Nom Paleo’s new cookbook and it was ahhhhhmazing!!!

I usually make my mayo with this this olive oil. I love this stuff in general. The flavor is actually mild, especially for an extra-virgin olive oil, so it works well in homemade mayo. But, I recently had an opportunity to try this avocado oil. I used it to make some mayo, amongst other things. Don’t be fooled by the green color of the mayo, avocado oil actually has a very mild flavor, so it works great for homemade mayonnaise.

The lovely US distributors of Avohaus actually stopped by my house when they were in town and we did a little tasting and talked all about avocado oil and healthy fats in general. They explained that Avohaus uses a unique cold pressing extraction process that maintains the vitamins and minerals from the avocado and this process extracts the oil without it oxidizing, which apparently isn’t always the case, since avocados oxidize so quickly (which is what’s happening when they turn brown shortly after you open them up).

However, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. They did leave me with a few bottles of their amazing oils: extra virgin, lime, and garlic avocado oils that we have been drizzling over everything from broccoli to apples. We really loved their product, so I just wanted to give them a little shout out!

One more thing… Many homemade mayo recipes call for dijon mustard, but I think it is wayyyy better with stone ground mustard, like this one.

Homemade Mayo

One large egg yolk or 2 small, at room temperature (preferably pasture raised)
1 teaspoon stone ground mustard (I use this kind)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 cup high quality avocado oil or mild-tasting olive oil, like this one

  1. Into the bowl of a food processor fitted with the blade, place the egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.
  2. While it’s running, add the olive oil to the insert. The insert should have a tiny little whole in it that will slowly drip the oil into the food processor.
  3. Leave the food processor running until all of the oil has completely dripped through. This emulsification process is key when making mayo. Trust me, the first time I ever made homemade mayo, I just poured the cup of olive oil right in with the ingredients and it just made a liquid-y mess and not a mayo.
  4. Adjust salt and pepper to taste.
To Fix Broken Mayo:

Remove the mayo mixture from your food processor. Add another egg yolk to the bowl of your food processor, while it is running, slowly add the curdled/liquid-y mayo mess until it is all blended and creamy.


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  1. Amy Bowman says

    You\’re spot on with this recipe. I have been using avocado oil in my mayo for some time now and it makes the lightest and the most velvety mayo I have ever tasted….Also just the added nutritional benefits makes it a slam dunk! Just make sure it\’s an extra virgin cold pressed oil because there are alot of imposters out there…look for the bright green color! I\’ve tried Avohaus before and love it…use it on everything now!