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Tunnels Beach, Kauai

Vacations or Staycations are essential, in my opinion. Maybe some people are better at unplugging regularly and taking some uninterrupted time for themselves. I am not one of those people, at least not yet! It was so lovely to unplug and connect with my family and my surroundings. We took it really easy on this vacation, we mostly ate good food and relaxed at the beach! I truly felt rested at the end of the week, but I sure could use another week in Kauai right about now!

I thought this was funny. I clearly had never traveled with a baby before. I packed THIS many books to read on the plane and on the beach. Ha! I read 40 pages of one book all week and I felt accomplished!

I got very little reading done, but I got lots of relaxing in. We spent much time on a couple of our new favorite beaches – Tunnels Beach (pictured at the top of the post) and Hideaways Beach (pictured below).  We snorkeled, we swam, we got sun.

hideaways beach
We really adapted to island time quickly, we took our time doing everything (or mostly nothing). We would pull over if we saw a sign for something that intrigued us, which is how we ended up at these falls – Opaekaa Falls.

waterfallsIndy at falls
We strolled around Hanalei Pier on a rain-ish day. As you can see, the weather doesn’t stop people from enjoying the beach and the ocean on this little island.

Hanalei Bay Pier PM

We surprised Brooke with a tour of the Nepali Coast by boat for his birthday. No babies allowed, so he had to go by himself. He says it is a MUST do activity. Here is a photo of all the dolphins he saw from the boat! I booked his trip through North Shore Charters.

ne pali coast tourWe did make the trek across the island one day to see Waimea Canyon, also know as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. I will be honest, it was not easy, with a baby that hated her rented car seat. But, it was worth the torture drive. 

waimea canyon indy

And here she is passed out on the beach, after a long day of exploring!

Indy beach sleep

We made a stop in Kilauea one afternoon, where we checked out the Lighthouse and picked up some delicious soy-free poke at the Kilauea Fish Market.

light house

I really like these two! It was so nice getting to spend an entire week with them without distractions!

Check in tomorrow to see how one real food mama (me! :)) packs for vacation. That is, if I could figure out how to embed a pdf in to my blog post!

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