Locus Workstation Review & Giveaway!

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I am sure you’ve heard …

Sitting is the new smoking

and even harsher phrases like “Sitting is Slowly Killing You” are often seen in media headlines. Just google “Sitting is the new smoking” and tens of thousands of articles will come up.

These headlines might be catchy, but there is also some truth behind the message.

Recent research indicates that sitting all day can cause many things to go wrong:

  • Strained Neck
  • Back Pain
  • Muscle Degeneration
  • Heart Disease
  • And even cancer!

Here is a great article from the Washington Post that goes into more detail on the above and offers solutions for those of us that have to spend most of our day sitting.


Here is a little personal story about how excessive sitting has impacted my health. All through college and graduate school I worked as a nanny and as a server in a very busy restaurant. I was constantly moving. Especially in the restaurant, I was never sitting. Guess what I ate? Junk! So much junk. Tons of fried food and gluten. Surprisingly, I mostly felt okay. I didn’t feel like a super human like I did when I went, Paleo, but I felt okay, I had no complaints. And I had zero neck and back pain issues.

Fast forward a few years. I graduated from school, I got a “real” job. One that required that I was at the office every day for 8+ hours, sitting at a desk. In addition, I was commuting close to 3 hours a day. For years, I was basically sitting for 12 hours a day. It’s pretty insane, right? It’s definitely not how humans are intended to use our bodies day in and day out. Sadly, I am not alone in this lifestyle. The average US adult spends 8 hours a day sitting.

After a few months at my first corporate job, I found myself in and out of chiropractor’s offices constantly. I had never once been to a chiropractor before this. These visits would help with pain management, but they didn’t solve the problem. Now 7 years later, I am still dealing with back pain issues. I truly believe the back pain is a result of the amount of time I spent sitting, especially after spending the 6 years prior to that moving all day, everyday.

Now, that I work from home, I am not that much better. I often find myself working at the dining room table or even worse on the couch! I do get up and move around more than I did in my corporate jobs, but still not enough.

I have now been using the Locus Workstation for 3 weeks now. I work at this desk anywhere from 4 to 10 hours a day. Week after week, my back pain is lessening. Some days it’s even been non-existent! As someone that works full-time from home, I am thrilled to have this ergonomic workstation to help me have proper posture all day.



How does the Locus Workstation Work?

All aspects are adjustable – the angle on the tabletop, the height of the table, the height of the stool. You can make it comfortable for your body. It’s very simple to adjust, so multiple people in the same house can easily use it.

We tend to get fatigued after standing for a couple of hours, then you can use the stool. You are never really sitting with the stool. You are in a more of a leaning position. It allows your core and legs to be engaged, while your neck and back are in a neutral position. It also allows you an opportunity to use different muscles than when you are standing.

One last reason that I love Focal Upright as a company is that whenever possible, they source components domestically. All products are designed and assembled in their Rhode Island headquarters. They continually review their vendors with the goal of sourcing as much as possible domestically.


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Holiday Gift Guide for The Paleo Foodie

holiday gift guide 2

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Earlier this week I shared two posts for making your own holiday gifts. Check this post to find 30 edible Paleo gift ideas and check this post to find 30 body and skincare DIY gift ideas. I figured some of you are not DIY-ers! So, I’ve also compiled some of my favorite Paleo and healthy-living items for you.

These are all products I use (and LOVE) in my house and ones that I gift regularly. I always gift health-focused items. I am just annoying like that. … But, I think my friends and family like it. At least that’s what they tell me

Some of these items can be found at your local kitchen store or local health-food store. I am all about shopping local whenever possible. You can also click on the images below to view the products on Amazon.

Happy Holidays!

Kitchen Items

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.26.16 AM

Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer

I gift this to all the healthy eaters in my life. It’s such a fun one! We use ours all the time to make all types of noodles – sweet potato, beets, zucchini.

nutribulletMagic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

This is the perfect gift for the smoothie drinker in your life. We love the NutriBullet because unlike a juicer, it pulverizes fruits and vegetables, so you get all the nutrients, not just the juice!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.47.21 AM

Lodge Cast Iron Wok

I didn’t know I needed this gift until it arrived on my doorstep and now it’s one of the most cherished and used items in my kitchen. We stir-fry everything in it. It’s nice and big, so we are able to cook in much larger batches. Leftovers, anyone?  You an also use it to deep fry. We occasionally make sweet potato chips in this! It’s such a fun gift because everyone has a skillet, but most people don’t own a wok.


Immersion Blender

Anyone that likes to cook, even just a little bit, needs this in their kitchen. Use it to make soups, mashes, 30 second mayo, 30 second whipped cream and much more. It’s so much more convenient than transferring everything into a blender and then back.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.55.06 AM

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel 6-Quart Covered Stockpot

Who doesn’t like receiving a Le Creuset piece for Christmas? This gorgeous signature stock-pot is one of the more affordable pieces in their collection. Plus, I am a firm believer that EVERYONE needs broth in their life!

slow cooker

Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-Quart

I could not survive Paleo without my slow cooker. I’ve used many different versions as I have developed recipes for my blog, cookbook and eBook over the last few years. This is hands down my favorite – it’s easy to use and cooks evenly!


Programmable Dehydrator

I love that this dehydrator is affordable and has adjustable temperature and time controls. Use it to make your own dried fruit, jerky and nuts!


PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

We have two of these and we use them all the time. We use them when we are traveling or when we are just heading to the beach for the morning and we need to bring some snacks.

paleo foodie

The Paleo Foodie Cookbook

You’ll find all of my favorite recipes in my 2nd cookbook, The Paleo Foodie! Creamy Bacon Wrapped Dates anyone?


Stocking Stuffers


36 Wide Mouth Mason Jar Reusable Chalkboard Labels

These chalkboard labels have been a game-changer for me! No more jars of frozen red stuff that could be pasta sauce, soup, jam or anything in between.


Mason Jar Lid

I love this stainless steel drink top that fits all small mouth canning jars. If you want to get the whole set, you can find the mason jar with a handle here and the stainless steel straw here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.21.59 PM

Avocado Hugger

Yes! The most genius thing ever created. Say good-bye to brown avocados!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.41.21 AM

Skin Brush for Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a great way to gently detox on a regular basis. Some of the benefits of dry brushing include softer skin and increased lymphatic drainage.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.41.41 PM

Blue Blocking Glasses

These amber tinted glasses have done wonders for my sleep quality and my general feelings of sleepiness. They simply reduce blue light exposure and allow our melatonin to kick in. The best $5 I’ve ever spent, by far! Read more about the importance of reducing blue light exposure before bed here.

betonite clay

Indian Healing Clay

This stuff is awesome for detoxing your skin. We all used this to do a clay mask on our girls trip. Everyone’s skin was glowing the next morning. I also use this in many DIY skincare products.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.59.18 PM

Glass Water Bottle

I don’t have much to say about this except, it’s amazing. I’ve had mine for yearsssss. I’ve dropped it a gazillion times (cause I am a clutz like that!) and it hasn’t broken. I also love how water tastes from a glass bottle versus a stainless steel one. I basically gift these to everyone I know!


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Paleo Pear-Ginger Cranberry Sauce

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Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

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Paleo Sweet Potato Tater Tots

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