9 Reasons Why I Eat Gelatin Daily

Gelatin Daily

I just re-read one of my favorites books, The Gelatin Secret by Sylvie McCracken of Hollywood Homestead. I was so inspired by this book, I decided to write a post for you outlining the 9 reasons why I eat gelatin daily.

This post is a broad overview of what I learned from The Gelatin Secret. Sylvie’s book dives much deeper into each one of these categories. And she provides tons of  delicious, everyday recipes, so you can easily incorporate gelatin into your daily life!


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How I incorporate gelatin daily

I include gelatin in my diet daily. I either eat soup, drink broth or supplement with gelatin powder. You can get my recipe for slow cooker chicken broth HERE and slow cooker beef broth HERE.

We also use gelatin to make homemade jello, gummy treats and desserts, like panna cotta. I use THIS gelatin for these types of recipes because it is made from healthy, pasture-raised animals.

I also supplement with collagen peptides on most days. I just add a tablespoon of it to my tea or coffee, it doesn’t have any flavor. We also use it in smoothies in the place of protein powder. The difference between this one and the one I mentioned above, is that this one does not gel. So you can add it to hot and cold drinks. I use THIS collagen because it is made from healthy, pasture-raised animals.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein derived from collagen, the major component of the connective tissue of animals. It is made by cooking down the parts of the animal that are rich in collagen – bones, connective tissues, and hides of animals.

Collagen is important because it gives our skin its elasticity (i.e. less wrinkles ). Collagen actually makes up about 1/3 of the protein in the human body. So yeah, it’s important stuff!

Gelatin Balances Out A Diet Heavy in Muscle Meat

According to The Gelatin Secret,

“Today, most people just consume the muscle meat of the animals they eat. While collagen makes up about 50% of the protein in animals, only about 6% of muscle tissue is collagen. Muscle meat also consists of different amino acid combinations than found in collagen.

As Dr. Ray Peat explains, the switch towards a muscle-meat only diet has caused a change in the amino acid profiles of our diets. We get too much of the amino acids tryptophan or cysteine (found in muscle meat), which can result in metabolic problems. By adding gelatin back into our diets, we can get back to the diet nature intended for us.”

The two main amino acids which make up collagen are glycine and proline. They are both found in real gelatin. With real gelatin, I am referring to broth made from healthy animal parts, as well as gelatin powder from pasture-raised animals. So, not the J-E-L-L-O stuff that we most often associate with gelatin.

Unfortunately, store-bought broth does not offer these same benefits, as it is usually not made with real gelatin, but uses emulsifiers instead, and many use artificial flavors.


Calcium is often touted as the key nutrient for healthy bones. But, did you know that bones are mostly made up of collagen? Most American diets of are very low in collagen and high in calcium. And rates of osteoporosis are quite high here. So maybe calcium isn’t the only nutrient we need to keep our bones healthy and strong.

Gelatin is one of the most effective ways to get more collagen into our bodies. Bone broth is a great way to get gelatin and it has additional minerals that are necessary for maintaining healthy bones, such as calcium and magnesium. In addition to gelatin and minerals, bone broth also offers high amounts of other amino acids.

In The Gelatin Secret, Sylvie McCracken writes, “For example, bone broth contains the amino acid lysine which helps calcium absorb into bones and aids in tissue regeneration.”


Sylvie McCracken writes,

“The evidence shows that consuming gelatin can increase the amount of cartilage in the joints of animals. Rebuilding cartilage is a slow process though as only some of the consumed gelatin gets added to collagen tissues. So, you can’t just take a shot of gelatin and expect to heal your joints overnight. But, gelatin can produce relief from joint pain almost immediately.”

Most of the time when we experience joint pain, chronic inflammation is present. Gelatin can help arthritis and joint pain because it can help reduce inflammation. Glycine, one of the basic components of collagen has a very strong immunosuppressive effects. In other words, it is capable of stopping inflammation.



70,000,000 people everyday suffer from some form of digestive issues. These are just the ones that have symptoms. Digestive issues can be the culprit of many other symptoms that we don’t often associate with the gut, such as headaches, lethargy and even many modern day diseases.

Having a healthy digestive system is key to maintaining overall health. Our digestive system has to be working properly, so we can break down food and absorb the nutrients.

To develop a really healthy digestive system, we need to eat a diet void of toxins, and loaded with nutrient dense foods. The Gelatin Secret dives deep into how to repair and maintain a healthy digestive system.

In addition, gelatin is one of the best foods for digestive health. Sylvie writes, “It basically acts like spackle and fills in holes in the gut lining.

Gelatin  Daily

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Gelatin is not some magic weight loss pill. However, it has properties that can help regulate blood sugar levels. If you are struggling with weight loss, blood sugar issues or sugar cravings, gelatin is definitely worth a shot.

Sylvie dives deep into how gelatin can support the body with weight loss and I found that section of her book particularly fascinating!



Gelatin can help calm the body and balance cortisol levels. Sylvie writes, “The research shows that the glycine in gelatin has a calming effect on our nerves which can promote sleep and reduce stress.”

Drinking broth or taking gelatin before bed, can help improve sleep quality and can even improve daytime sleepiness. Unlike medications that mask symptoms, real food solutions actually balance and align the body!

This is a complex topic, but although muscle meats are nutritious, a diet that consists of only muscle meats will be deficient in other important amino acids, such as glycine. As we talked about earlier, glycine is an important amino acid found in gelatin.  This imbalance of amino acids can eventually lead to an imbalance of cortisol levels.



Most skin issues are connected to the digestive system. As your gut heals, you will also notice improvements in your skin. In addition, collagen is what gives our skin its elasticity. As the collagen breaks down, the skin becomes thinner and wrinkles start to form.

We can help slow this process, by consuming collagen and increasing the collagen levels available to be absorbed by our bodies. In other words, consuming collagen helps reduce the breakdown of collagen.

The following is an over-simplified explanation, and Sylvie explains it in much greater detail in her book. Cellulite is caused by inadequate amounts of collagen in the body. By boosting the levels of collagen in our bodies, we should be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite.



Sylvie writes,

“Hair growth starts inside follicles that are within the skin. Follicles are basically a sheath of collagen which holds and nurtures the hair from the root. At the very base of the follicle is something called the papilla which is also made from collagen.”

Collagen is necessary for keeping each strand of our hair, healthy, strong and thick. You won’t see immediate results with your hair, as the increased collagen in your diet will impact the fresh healthy hair that is growing. With time, you should notice a nice difference.

The nutrients, Zinc, Biotin and Iron play a crucial role in healthy finger nails. Since, gelatin helps heal the digestive system, it will in turn help us more effectively absorb these nutrients. My nails have gotten so much healthier, stronger and shinier since following a Paleo diet rich in collagen.



If you made it this far, you are probably noticing a theme around a healthy gut. Did you know that tooth health is directly related to diet and proper nutrition?

To really cure tooth decay, you’ve got to heal all parts of the teeth, not just clean the enamel like we do with brushing and flossing. The tooth is really healed from the inside out. Gelatin helps us absorb more nutrients by healing our guts. In addition, some components of collagen have been shown to repair gum tissue.


Are you ready to get your gelatin on?

Download The Gelatin Secret now to learn all about the health benefits of gelatin and find, easy, everyday recipes to help you incorporate gelatin in your life daily!

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Natural Homemade Detangler (3 ingredients!)

DIY Detangler

Do you have hair that tangles? Or do you have a child that has hair that tangles and gets knots? I have an easy, all natural detangler recipe for you! This DIY hair detangler also doubles as a leave-in conditioner!

My toddler has really fine, curly hair that if not combed thoroughly and often, it gets tons of knots in it. It takes about 20 minutes to comb her hair with all of her curls and tiny knots. Being a toddler and all, having her hair combed is not her favorite thing to do.  I personally would be thrilled if someone offered to comb my hair every day! My daughter just doesn’t know what she’s missing out on yet.

Anyway, she has long hair and I had been snipping off pieces, whenever I couldn’t get the knots out. It was starting to look quite on even. I decided that it was time to use some detangler.

I took a look at some commercial detanglers for kids when I was at the store and I found ingredients like these:


 I am not willing to spray my sweet babe’s head with all of this god-knows what. I am imagine you aren’t either! I decided to get experimenting and create something simple that will work. I came up with this 3 ingredient concoction and it’s been working like a charm.

Homemade Hair Detangler.001

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As I comb her hair, if I get stuck on a knot, I spray this right on to the knot and I am able to detangle it immediately. She does have fine, curly hair, so I am not sure how well this will work for thicker, curly hair. You might need to add more apple cider vinegar to the recipe and more lavender. If you try it for thicker hair, please come back and let us know!

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar flattens the hair surface, allowing a comb or brush to glide easily through the hair. It also reduces frizz and it is a natural conditioner!

Lavender Essential Oil:

This ingredient does more than just make your spray smell nice. It is also softening and helps condition the hair. Bonus: It can also help with dandruff, if that is an issue for you. Learn more about which essential oils I use and recommend HERE.

Distilled water:

I also recommend working with distilled water when making skincare products because it cuts down the chance that you’ll introduce a contaminant to your recipe. Your recipe will last much longer with distilled water.



2 ounce glass spray bottle (like this one)
Small funnel (I use this one)

1.5 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar (I use this organic, raw kind)
5 drops Lavender essential oil (find 100% pure essential oils here)
Distilled water (you can find this at any grocery store)

  1. Using your funnel, add your apple cider vinegar and lavender essential oil to your glass spray bottle. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes.
  2. Fill the rest of your bottle with distilled water. Shake to mix up the ingredients.
  3. After you wash your hair, spray the detangler all over your hair as a leave-in conditioner. Or use it to get knots out, while you comb your hair.

*Note: This recipe was developed using Young Living Essential Oils. I have found that store bought oils are not as potent, so you may need to increase the drops of essential oils.


Do you make any natural skincare or hair products that you love? If so, tell us about them in the comments!


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